Prove them WrongThe purpose behind Rugged Strength is to establish a community that is not afraid to get out of the box. ‘What box?’ you may ask . . . how about any box that you are concerned of stepping beyond. Whether it is a 400 pound lift, a CrossFit Hero WOD, or a 5k that is inspiring your inner greatness, we can find a way to pursue these quests together.

The fitness and nutrition world is rife with “instant results” programs and supplements, all clamoring for a piece of the 40 billion dollar pie. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that it took a little bit of time achieving a state that is outside of being in shape and healthy. So why do we think we can make a choice one day and expect the years of abuse and neglect to vanish in an instant? Feel free to change

The reality is that to achieve results that exceed those of the majority of the population, we must put in: a lot of hard work, copious amounts of time, and a smidge of dedication (ok, maybe more than a smidge). Our success is dependent on the effort and quality of our continued actions, kinda like needing the right ingredients to bake a pie.  

Being rugged does not have an established baseline, what we must each do is find more was to be determined in our actions and activities. Ruggedness comes from hardening oneself to life’s challenges, not shying away from them. Combined with strength (not just being able to pick up heavy things), you have two major ingredients to a formula that will help you maximize your life. Don’t just sit back and watch life pass you by, let’s get out there and make life happen for us.

To Being Rugged!

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